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Information we receive from an individual investor of our investment program forms the basis of our relationship and establishes ties we have with our ever growing investors-base. Therefore, it becomes a necessity to educate our investors how we use or plan to use their private and confidential information.

At, we treat every information we get from our investors as 'private' and 'confidential', ranging from name, email address, e-currency accounts details, etc. We do not trade these vital information about our investors with any third parties, ensuring that all data and information are highly protected and far from the reach or access of unauthorized individuals.

We have invested heavily into the program, by having our website securely protected with a state-of-the-art security technologies put in place to ensure that the privacy and confidentiality of our data and information as well as those of our investors are adequately protected from unauthorized access, thereby boosting our web presence and reputations.

At certain point, vital information may be required from you in order to help us serve you more better for your investments and financial needs. Therefore, you need not be worried as according to our policy, your data and information will be highly treated with utmost confidentiality and privacy protection. And at no point, would we ever disclose or trade such vital data and consumer information of our investors contained herein with any third parties, unless such is required by the governing laws and legal orders as stipulated or required by the law of the land where our investor(s) is/are residence.

In addition, we have put in place several security measures to ensure no third party, not even our team of developers or in-house foreign exchange market traders can access your vital data and information for malicious intents. That is why, it is required for every investors to choose password upon registration which will be required for them to be able to access their account, as well as having a transaction code which will be required for withdrawal request whenever they initiate withdrawal request process. These are 2-tier security level put in place to protect your account details and information from an unauthorized person(s).

Conclusively, at, offering the best services to our teeming investors is our watchword.

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