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passiveinvestment.ltd brings people, capital and ideas together to help our growing list of investors and the communities of large individuals we serve.

passiveinvestment.ltd was founded by a team of individuals comprising of experts from the banking, finance and technology sectors, which are multi-billion dollars industries, Until the birth of passiveinvestment.ltd, we have always been a group of independent traders as far as financial market is concerned; however, coming together has seen our knowledge of the world foreign exchange and financial market increased exponentially. Our reach to prospective investors geographically has equally expanded.

passiveinvestment.ltd creates a global scale, by empowering people from around the world to access the global financial and foreign exchange markets differently and discover ways to increase their earnings or save for that expensive and luxurious holidays/vacations or for other domestic or personal expenditures, bills, homes, starting up a business of their own or just those who are looking for better earning capacity in order to have more to save towards their retirements.

passiveinvestment.ltd offers great investments plans and packages for EVERYONE, regardless of an individual financial status.

We decided to launch our online investment outlet to help you and others to benefit generously from our wealth of knowledge in the capital and money instrument financial market. We do not promise you would become a stinky millionaire overnight investing with us, but we guarantee your financial freedom and return on your investment far beyond the interest rates any brick-and-mortar financial or investment bank across the world would offer you. We are so proud that our unique knowledge of trading the foreign exchange market and other financial money instruments have done good for so many people and we want you to benefit from it as well by investing with us.

At passiveinvestment.ltd, we are jealous financial and money traders and promise to guard and protect your investments with us carefully to ensure you profit from our investment services generously. Our company is legally recognized as a registered limited investment house here in UK, you can view/download our company certificate of registration on our homepage. Also, bear in mind that our web presence is guaranteed with a warranty of $1,750,000 and as such your investment or invested money is safe with us.

Certificate of incorporation

At passiveinvestment.ltd, we offer highly competitive investment opportunities to our teeming investors-base, with our seasoned and skilled experts who have several years of experience and wealth of knowledge trading the foreign exchange market using the experiences they have garnered over the years and trading strategies that have worked best for us. Thus, taking us this far from a group of independent traders to large-scale foreign exchange market traders with thousands of investors who had entrusted their financial assets in our care, and TODAY, we are HERE.

UK Company Registration number 11045391

passiveinvestment.ltd offers
great investments plans and packages for EVERYONE,
regardless of an individual financial status.

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